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Congratulations to Meredith & Dave!

Ever meet a couple and immediately like them so much that you say to your wife (or girlfriend), “Let’s make friends with THEM”? That’s the kind of couple Meredith and Dave are – the kind you instantly like, admire, and want to hang out with. They are cool, accomplished-yet-humble, thoughtful, kind, intelligent, and (to top it off) adorable together. So it was a lot of fun to hang out with them last week for their engagement photo shoot in D.C.

We tromped around the Mall area, taking some photos in the gardens of the Smithsonian, on some marble steps (always plentiful in D.C.), posing with a giant triceratops skull, and well, just walking around. They were really good sports about a few things — like ants in the ivy I asked them to lean against (sorry Dave) and damp grass on the lawn where I asked them to sit (sorry again). The reward, as usual, came in the form of fun photographs that really captured the easy-going nature of these two world-traveling, D.C. natives.



“Days of Wine and Roses”

at Ingleside Vineyards

at Ingleside Vineyards

Lisa and I recently visited Potomac Point Winery, a new vineyard in Stafford County. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and the weather just seemed to call for a drive and a leisurely wine tasting. Friends had been telling us about Potomac Point for some time, but this was the first time we’d gotten around to visiting. Man! It’s just absolutely picturesque. The vineyard owner, Skip, was onhand to give a tour. He and one of his docents, Jenn, explained how the land was found & cultivated, as well as how the fruit is processed into wine. More than that, they explained how the owners puposefully designed the winery with guest services in mind. And, believe me, you can tell. This may be one of the nicest places for an outdoor wedding in Stafford County. I can’t wait to shoot a wedding there!

I’m already a fan of shooting weddings at Ingleside Vineyards in Westmoreland County. (Incidentally, much of Potomac Point’s fruit comes from that area while they are waiting for their own newly planted vines to mature and produce). Ingleside has a lovely courtyard area with fountain and gorgeous scenery. It’s a charming winery that Lisa and I have also toured on more than one occasion.

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding in Virginia, I can’t recommend our area vineyards strongly enough. It’s easy to find a directory of wineries to choose from. Harvest time begins this month, probably this week. Wouldn’t it be fun to spend a late summer or early Autumn weekend visiting a half dozen vineyards as potential venues for your vows?


This weekend I made a trip up to South Lyon, Michigan with my wife to take part in the wedding of Michael and Kasey. Expect a whole lot of pictures of this gorgeous event. It took place in the backyard of a wonderful lodge, complete with brick and stone patios, waterfalls and superb landscaping. Take a look at the grounds at River Birch Lodge in Hartland, MI, and see for yourself. I love the jump shot, and we snagged this one while the bride and groom were taking part in what was quite possibly the longest receiving line I have ever seen in my life. Check back in a few days for more pictures!

Back in Black

Lisa and I went down to Hyperion Espresso in Fredericksburg, Virginia last night to meet up with Geoff, my friend and second shooter. Being a perpetual gear fanatic like me, Geoff was eager to see my brand new Shootsac. I’ve only shot one wedding with it so far, but I am already in love. It gives me quick, easy access to all my important tools, it’s rather fashionable…..and most importantly, black! Ask any wedding photographer what they wear to weddings, and they will undoubtedly tell you “black on black” or some variation thereof. Why black you ask? Because we blend in, with the surroundings, with the wait staff, with the shadows! It’s especially handy when you have two photographers working…because really, you don’t want any pictures of Geoff or me popping up in your wedding album, trust me!

I had a wonderful July, and I am looking forward to all the things I have coming up in August and September. During August I will get to shoot at a gorgeous lodge in Michigan, document a Russian buy-out ceremony in Vienna, and party into the wee hours of the morning at a field party in Louisa, VA. I’ve got tons of engagement sessions lined up in-between, so look for regular blog posts in August. But wait…no one has booked you for August 16th, you say? That’s right, if someone doesn’t book me on August 16th, I might actually get a mini-vacation…and that’s not good for anybody’s health. So if you know someone in need of a last minute photographer, point them my way! As a last minute booking, I’m offering a 15% discount on any package for August 16th only. Act now before it’s gone (or before I’m forced to sit on my couch and watch “Platinum Weddings” all day long).

Robin and Adrian

After traveling up and down the East Coast during July, I wrapped up the month at home in Fredericksburg, VA. Robin and Adrian were married at TJ’s Celebrations, which, I must admit, impressed me quite a bit. If you’ve ever driven up Route 1 out of Fredericksburg, you’ve no doubt seen TJ’s. It has a modest facade, but as soon as you set foot inside it is quite evident that the people running the show at Tj’s really take pride in their events. And that makes me happy.

Earlier today, I was asked what made being a photographer “worth it.” After some careful thought I realized that while I may not be saving the world, I am contributing to something that really means a lot to people…and that gives me purpose, which I think is important to have in a career. When I capture an image like the one above I know that ten years from now Robin and Adrian won’t remember that the DJ was an hour late, or the cake guy showed up just before the ceremony, they will remember that nothing mattered on their wedding day except their love for each other. They will remember that all their friends and family were there to share in their joy and be witness to the beginning of the rest of their lives. And in some odd way that gives me hope for myself, and for the rest of the world. And so in the end, it is the renewal of faith that makes being a photographer worth it to me, and it is my sincere hope that my work reflects that belief.

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