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The Other Fredericksburg

I think one of the most important things for any professional artist to do is to maintain personal projects. I’ve always got a few projects rumbling around in my head, but it wasn’t until I really thought about my personal life that I found a personal project that I wanted to commit to.

I love Fredericksburg. It’s a vibrant community, full of a most bizarre cross section of life. However, what most people know of Fredericksburg is either the Civil War Battlefields, or the commercial wastelands of Central Park. That’s not what this project is about.

That being said, I can’t really tell you what this project really is about yet, as it just started last night, while on a photowalk hosted by my good friend Geoff Greene. For the time being, I’m calling it ” The Other Fredericksburg,” because I’m not looking to put out a travel brochure, or a collection of historic doorknob photos. I’m looking for something a little more…real. If you’ve got suggestions, hit me up in the comments.

Lisa - This is beautiful.

Bob Schnell - Aaron,
Unique images and a great idea. Inspiring me a bit.

Geoff - Awesome project, good luck!

Rachel Clarke - Looks amazing!

Tom Payne - In your intro statement you mentioned, “unique places, witness intimate moments, and meet amazing people”. I noticed that so far, you have captured very unique aspects of “The Other Fredericksburg”. Have you thought of capturing the faces of some of Frederisckburg’s iconic people?…the wisdomkeepers, so to speak. There are bound to be some interesting stories and faces behind the church steeples, the gardens, and mailboxes etc… Just a thought:)

Colonel Zorn - You should take some photos of Carl’s ice-cream joint dogg.

Julie Stemple - Piggybacking on both Lisa’s and Tom’s comments…beautiful, unique shots; I definitely want to see more, and faces, candid shots of people doing what they do in Fred may be interesting. Still, I love those last three, images of Fred itself that create a subtext of its citizens and visitors. I would frame the one of the cycle and put in on my wall.

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