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2011 WPJA Q4 Contest Results!

If I could choose one word to describe the way that I want a couple to react when they first see their wedding photos, it would be “surprised.” That probably sounds a bit strange, so let me explain. I’m a storyteller, both at heart and by trade. And for me, the best stories are the ones that surprise me. So, when I approach your wedding day, I’m  first and foremost looking to tell a story that faithfully documents all the thought, love, blood, sweat and tears that you’ve put into planning your wedding. However, at the same time, what’s driving me and inspiring me throughout the day are all the moments and emotions that make a wedding day special and particular to you and your family. Just as people claim there are no new stories under the sun, so too do they say that if you’ve been to one wedding, you’ve been to them all. I’ve never found either of those maxims to be true, and over the course of the past five years I’ve shot more than 120 beautifully unique weddings. Sure, all weddings follow a similar plot line: You get ready, you get married, you celebrate. But in between the lines of that simple story, the emotion that I witness can be described as nothing short of magic. Because in the end, this story is about you. So, when you sit down to view your photos, I want you to see a beautifully surprising story. I want you to see moments that you didn’t know happened, emotions that you didn’t know you had, and pictures that you had no idea I was taking.

One of the ways I keep my skills sharp, is by regularly participating in the Wedding Photojournalist Association’s Quarterly contests. Being a member of the WPJA is an honor in and of itself, but I am always touched when one of my images is chosen by a panel of distinguished judges as being one of the creme of the crop. The beauty of the WPJA is that unlike other photography associations, membership is based on merit (disclaimer: there is a nominal membership fee).  Each quarter, contest entries are submitted by members of the WPJA from across the globe, and the top 20 photos are chosen by a panel of industry experts. This quarter’s judges were particularly impressive, and I encourage you to check them out: JEANIE ADAMS-SMITHANDREA BRUCEBILL FRAKESYUNGHI KIM

For the 2011 WPJA Quarter 4 contest I am extremely happy to announce that two of my entries placed in the top 10 for their respective categories! My first wedding of 2012 is this weekend, and I couldn’t be more excited to get off the ground running! A heartfelt thanks goes out to all the lovely couples who have, and all those couples who will, let me tell their stories. I am nothing short of honored. Check out all of the winners at http://www.wpja.com/

5th Place: Bride Getting Ready.

6th Place: Toasting/Speeches

Rachel H - bwahahahah! these show so much personality!!! way to go Aaron!

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