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Fly Fishing with Orvis Woodbridge

I’ve been a passionate angler for most of my life, but it hasn’t been until recently that I’ve discovered fly fishing. It didn’t take much to turn me into a life-long convert, and most of that was thanks to the folks at Orvis Woodbridge, my go to spot for gear and an insane wealth of […]

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A Mini-Vacation in Miami

I’m not really a beach guy, but this past Spring I was feeling nostalgic for those summer beach trips with the family. We used to frequent Dewey Beach in Deleware and, of course, Virginia Beach. But when I started to shop around for places to stay in Dewey, Ocean City, and Virginia Beach, I had […]

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The Yashica-D Chronicles

I’ve been playing around with an old Yashica-D lately. It had been sitting around in my mom’s basement for years. No idea where it came from. It’s a twin lens reflex camera, with a waist-level viewfinder. Pretty fun to walk around with. People are curious about it, and will often pose for a picture, just […]

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The Month of May

Recently, I’ve been struck by the fact that I spend just about all my time documenting other people’s lives, but let a lot of my own life pass by undocumented, save for a half-hearted Instagram feed. No real valid excuses, so here’s the changing that. May was a busy month, what with track meets all […]

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The Gift of Story

First of all, I need to thank our anonymous donor again for making this contest possible! I’ve been truly touched by the stories that friends and strangers (new friends) have shared with me, and that it’s all in the spirit of giving makes it that much better. For those of you who entered, and those […]

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